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Misao Aki (安芸 操, Aki Misao) is the school nurse and a supporting character in Peach Girl.


Misao has light brown hair that is usually in some sort of bun or ponytail with bangs on both side and a heavy-set figure.

She's usually seen wearing her work uniform, consisting of a white coat and pink blouse.


Misao is dependable and apt at providing advice, especially to the student body wherein many students call her "big sister."

However, Misao can also be headstrong, and often falls victim to her own insecurities, especially about her body image in particular.


Prior to Peach Girl[]

While in college, Misao gets a job to tutor middle-schooler Kairi Okayasu who has proved to be a problem child in the past. She tries to take an approach to his education that's stern but engaging, and due to her view of Kairi being based on himself alone and not on Ryo Okayasu (Kairi's older brother and Misao's classmate), Kairi comes to warm up to her.

Misao brings Kairi along with her on a beach trip, but after Kairi finds out that she and Ryo started dating, he runs away during a typhoon. Feeling guilty for bringing him along only for him to disappear, she searches for hours in the rain to locate him, finally finding him at the waterfront having almost drowned.


Ryo Okayasu[]

Misao's former college classmate. Although cold to him at first, this is due to her insecurities and embarrassment when around him. Eventually, the two start going out briefly, but break up for unnamed reasons. They still meet up throughout the series, Misao often acting as his moral compass in tough situations.

Kairi Okayasu[]

Misao's former student. She and Kairi bond over their tutoring sessions, and although Kairi dislikes her relationship with his older brother, they remain close. Despite his affections towards her, she sees him only as a little brother.

Momo Adachi[]

A student at Misao's school. Misao often gives Momo advice and even lets her spend the night at her house after the Jigoro incident, acting almost as a big sister figure to her.


  • The name Misao (操) most popularly means "fidelity" and "honor".