Peach Girl Wiki

Hello everyone,

My name is Mintyfingers but you can just call me Minty. I'm writing this blog post because I think it's about time that somebody adopted this wiki and, hopefully, I can be that person.

I know I'm relatively new here but this wiki has a lot of work to be done. Before I popped up, the last edit on here was a year ago, so I assume this wiki has been dead for a while. Even though my time here has been short, I've been adding the anime episode pages and I plan on adding more content on here such as the manga chapter pages, other characters, adding the Change of Heart series on here, corresponding images (and possibly creating image galleries?) etc. I hope that gives you an idea of what I want to add on here.

I hope that somebody in this community reads this blog and leaves me feedback (even if it's stating that I shouldn't adopt this wiki) because it's important to reach out to the community before making big decisions. Adopting a wiki is a huge deal and checking the Local list users, there seems to be a few notable users on here. As I mentioned in my user page, I am an admin for a wiki I adopted, so I know this process and decision will impact everybody and the overall wiki.

I watched Peach Girl when I was little and it's always stuck with me. It holds a special place in my mind and the charm the series has never went away. The Peach Girl Wiki has a lot of potential and it's sad that people tried to adopt this wiki before (which is proof that change needs to happen soon) but it fell flat. If I get an accepting response from the community, my adoption request would be the third one. Here's to hoping that 3 is the lucky number. Mintyfingers (talk) 06:41, May 5, 2020 (UTC)minty

P.S. In the meantime and in the future, I'll still be here contributing to this wiki. I genuinely like Peach Girl, so it's no hard feelings if I don't become an admin. I don't mind being known as simply an avid supporter. Thank you.